Our story

Our story

The world is full of challenges - big and small. 

The story so far...

Since GHD’s doors opened in 1928 passionate people have made a difference in their local communities.

GHD has built strong relationships over the years with worthwhile causes such as Red R, Habitat for Humanity and UNICEF.

And always favoured causes that deliver tangible results because it’s about getting stuff done.

But there was a growing feeling we could do more.

Then something happened...

We all saw a string of disasters and unrest around the world from early 2020: COVID, racial injustice, fires, floods, economic inequality.

These things had a big impact and people all over the world were asking ‘how can I help?’ Local community work didn’t seem enough.

GHD had grown to more than 10,000 people. A global success.

It got us thinking: if we took the initiative and coordinated things, we could strengthen our impact locally and globally.

The GHD Foundation was born.

So now...

The Foundation’s aim is simple – to give back to help build resilient communities.

The Foundation focuses on equitable access to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics education (STEAM) and careers for underrepresented communities.

We also have financial support from GHD which gives at least 1% of its profit each year.

In the future...

As we grow, we’ll aim to tackle more ambitious issues such as:

–    Creating opportunities for underrepresented communities to engage with STEAM education

–    Improving STEAM accessibility and affordability through grants, scholarships and research

–    Partnering and collaborating to elevate effective STEAM programs globally

It’s not about flag-waving, it’s about leading by example.

The Foundation is just getting started. By focussing resources and energy we will make an even bigger difference in reducing injustice, inequality and suffering in the world.