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About us

Our focus

We want to provide better access to science, technology, engineering, arts, & mathematics (STEAM) education and employment for under-represented populations.

Our story

The world is full of challenges - big and small. Since GHD’s doors opened in 1928, its employees have made a difference in their local communities and built strong local relationships. And we’ve always favoured causes that deliver tangible results because we’re about getting stuff done. However, these efforts have been largely local. 

There was a growing feeling we could do more. We all saw a string of disasters and unrest through 2020: COVID, racial injustice, fires, floods, economic inequality. These things had a big impact and GHD people all over the world were asking ‘how can I help’. Our local community work didn’t seem enough. It got us thinking: if we took the initiative and coordinated things, we could amplify our impact locally and globally. The GHD Foundation was born. 

In the first 12 months, the Foundation had a broad focus and we learned an important lesson - we tried to tackle too many issues and our resources were spread too thin. We wanted to focus our impact. 

We learned that there are many groups desperately under-represented in STEAM disciplines because they face barriers to access, particularly women and girls, first peoples, regional and remote communities and those experiencing economic disadvantage. As GHD is a design, engineering and scientific organisation it made sense that this could be a good GHD Foundation focus area. 

So now we believe we can make a difference globally by expanding the skills base needed to tackle the world’s most serious challenges including climate change, energy and access to water.

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