GHD Foundation, General Motors and PPG Launch STEAM Camp

GHD Foundation, General Motors and PPG Launch STEAM Camp

February 21, 2024

The GHD Foundation teamed up with General Motors, PPG and Hamtramck Public School to sponsor and participate in the inaugural Hamtramck Parks Conservancy STEAM Camp in Hamtramck, Michigan. Over a 3-day-period from July 12th to 14th, students ages 9-14 interested in STEM had the opportunity to learn various tools and practices surrounding science, arts and sustainability.

In partnership with the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF), we had the opportunity to use CELF’s expertise in sustainability and resilience education to create a dynamic program. This partnership created the opportunity to weave together different strands of practice from each contributing organisation. Through fun activities and crafts, the GHD Foundation provided the young students with a fun and engaging learning space. Campers were immersed in interactive learning with focus topics including circular economy, the lifecycle of products, creating do-nothing machines out of recyclables and how to make a difference as future sustainability leaders.

The STEAM camp was an inspiring experience – I loved seeing all the creativity harnessed in the circular economy segment – kids building prototypes of ships, water filters, rain-proof grocery storage bags, and more! While the experience proved the kids’ engineering and design capabilities, what was most memorable to me was seeing one kid encourage another kid to put the Yemen flag on his prototype ship. Events like this make the future seem so bright. Sophia Borroni-Bird, GM Global ESG Engagement Lead

The GHD Foundation is committed to giving back to help build resilient communities, with a focus on increasing access to STEAM education. By partnering with CELF, it allows collaboration with an organization that demonstrates commitment and success in this space.

Hear from our partners and participants:

“I felt encouraged and inspired by the enthusiasm of the STEAM camp participants. They shared their curiosity and actively engaged in learning about circularity among other environmental sustainability topics.” - Rae Howard, GM Sustainability Mission Leader.

“Being a hinge of the great and effective door that has opened between team GM and partners like GHD to help break the cycle of systemic barriers by providing STEAM CAMP opportunities to all children has been a highlight of my career!” – Kim Tucker-Billingslea, GM Remediation Project Manager.

“I learned how excited these kids are to learn and participate in these STEAM activities instead of just going along with it, they’re super interested.” - Anonymous STEAM Camp Exit Survey response.