GHD Foundation donates to GeoGirls

GHD Foundation donates to GeoGirls

February 21, 2024

GHD Foundation has issued a $10,000 donation to GeoGirls in support of their work to provide a free educational experience to underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) education.

GeoGirls is a charitable organisation that operates a summer camp at the Mount St. Helens Institute in Washington, USA, for women, transgender and non-binary youth. During a five-day camp, participants get involved in practical learning experiences with industry mentors and teachers who lead engaging exercises, experiments and lessons on various STEAM concepts. 

“GHD Foundation is committed to removing barriers to STEAM participation. We are proud to support organisations like GeoGirls that provide inclusive ways for underrepresented groups to explore their STEAM interests and connect with real industry mentors,” comments Jo Metcalfe, GHD Foundation Managing Director.

“GeoGirls provides a safe environment and a hands-on learning experience for underrepresented groups in STEAM where they can meet and see women and gender minority scientists in action. Participating in this camp demonstrates that careers in the industry are available and achievable for women and gender minorities,” says GeoGirls, Kaitlyn Trestrail.

GeoGirls is entirely grant-funded, operating only on donations from the public and partners like the GHD .