GHD Foundation partners with Ardoch to boost STEAM educational support

GHD Foundation partners with Ardoch to boost STEAM educational support

May 22, 2024

In communities where resources for socio-educational advancement may be constrained, there's a prevailing reality: one in three children embark on their educational journey with developmental vulnerabilities, potentially impeding their progress. Ardoch, recognising the vast potential within these communities, is dedicated to reshaping this narrative through two transformative initiatives: Numeracy Buddies and Project Magnify, with the support of the GHD Foundation.

Numeracy Buddies matches classes of primary school students (little buddies) with workplace volunteers (big buddies) to improve their maths skills through a variety of activities including online blog exchanges and visits to both the school and the workplace. This program aims to instil confidence in students by strengthening their foundational numeracy skills, which are crucial for success in various aspects of life.

Project Magnify brings students to science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) environments, such as ScienceWorks, Powerhouse Museum and Moorabbin Air Museum, and have them participate in STEAM-based activities, including talks with speakers working in STEAM. By facilitating access to such enriching experiences, the program aims to cultivate a deep-seated interest in STEAM concepts and pathways, fostering both inspiration and tangible connections to the broader STEAM community.

With GHD Foundation’s funding, Ardoch can meet the growing demands for Numeracy Buddies and Project Magnify in regional Victoria and New South Wales.

Ardoch and GHD Foundation will deliver two Numeracy Buddies programs, impacting 50 students in Western Sydney and Melbourne during the 2024 academic year. The partnership will also deliver four Project Magnify programs in 2024, impacting approximately 300 students in Sydney and Melbourne and regional Victoria.

“Ardoch has been delivering educational support programs to schools since 1988. We believe engagement in education is key to opening future pathways and possibilities. Ardoch's unique approach brings together schools, students, volunteers, corporates and philanthropic funders, experts, and the community to identify needs and design how best to create impact,” says Lisa Jones, Ardoch CEO.

“Mastering numeracy skills is critical for many careers and for day-to-day life. Supporting Ardoch’s programs to ensure everyone has the opportunity to develop these skills is part of GHD Foundation’s mission to provide more equitable access to STEAM education and careers,” says Jo Metcalfe, GHD Foundation Managing Director.