GHD Foundation releases its first Annual Review

GHD Foundation releases its first Annual Review

February 21, 2024

A significant milestone for the GHD Foundation, our inaugural Annual Review tells our story so far as well as showcasing our grants and financial snapshot.

Powered by our effective and committed network of partner organisations around the world, our reach and impact in the 2023 financial year has included grants, bursaries, scholarships as well as community relief efforts.

In total, AUD1.2 million has been issued across 32 grants, and 28 scholarships and bursaries, in five countries.

“We are young – established in 2020 – but our impact is real and growing. We are driven by our focus on empowering people who will use their talent to implement real change for decades to come,” says Jo Metcalfe, GHD Foundation Managing Director.

Read the GHD Foundation FY2023 Annual Review