GHD Foundation supports Dandelions WA

GHD Foundation supports Dandelions WA

February 21, 2024

At the start of Australia’s 2023 school year, the GHD Foundation provided a grant toward the provision of 120 student backpacks supporting the Dandelions WA back to school program.

Dandelions WA is a charity working to provide what is needed to promote dignity, health, acceptance, and opportunity. The back to school program aims to give every student an equal start by providing them with school backpacks containing stationery essentials. GHD Foundation’s grant was used to provide maths sets and scientific calculators, as part of high school backpack distributions.

The tangible impact of ensuring students have the right equipment at school is immediate. By providing children with the equipment they need to actively participate, their self-esteem is boosted and inspires a deeper engagement with education. Dandelions have had direct feedback from schools about students improving their grades and achieving their potential after receiving the necessary equipment.

With the GHD Foundation’s primary focus of providing better access to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education and employment for underrepresented populations, programs like this provide well-aligned opportunities to give back and make a lasting impact on the lives of young learners.