GHD Foundation supports Engineers Without Borders Australia

GHD Foundation supports Engineers Without Borders Australia

February 21, 2024

GHD Foundation provided a grant to Engineers without borders Australia (EWB) programs covering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM) through education, water and energy initiatives.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that harnesses the power of engineering to help create a more equitable and sustainable world. Working with communities in need to provide access to clean water, renewable energy, disaster recovery and develop sustainable infrastructure.

The GHD Foundation grant has supported the following two categories of programs:

Engineering in Asia Pacific

EWB works with developing communities and community partners in Asia Pacific. Initiatives include installation of ceramic water filters in schools so children can drink safe, clean, uncontaminated water; prototyping low-cost, sustainable bridge infrastructure sourced from local materials so children don’t have to miss school because of seasonal weather events; and the roll out of accessible hand-washing stations in schools that will reduce or even prevent the transmission of disease.

Engineering On Country in Australia

Initiatives include refurbishment and infrastructure work for the remote Rawa Community School; iterating the design for a mobile Solar Energy Trailer to help remote First Nations rangers stay connected to community during the long periods they spend on the road and away from power-infrastructure and Youth Outreach STEM workshops programs across Australia to promote STEM in First Nations communities.

“GHD has previously worked with Engineers Without Borders through its GHD in the Community and Graduate programs. Now GHD Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to support EWB's good work and aligned priority of building resilient communities through the lens of STEAM” Jo Metcalfe, GHD Foundation Managing Director, shares.